Our Food

Rustic heritage meets modern flavors
Refreshing summer salad - Marco Polo Restaurant Dubrovnik

Rustic recipes. Fresh ingredients. Modern presentation.

We specialize exclusively in Croatian wine.


Our gastro philosophy can best be summarized in these few words: rustic recipes, fresh ingredients and modern interpretation.

Here in our traditional Dubrovnik courtyard at our small, family restaurant we create blend of Dalmatian food with contemporary playful ideas. We try to maintain the essence of rustic recipes we inherited from our grandmothers, as well as to present new modern dishes inspired by Marco Polo’s travel adventures. We are very committed in choosing local Dubrovnik’s ingredients as much as possible and we support healthy eating.

A la Carte Menu guides you through different styles of food preparation, from fresh, marinated and smoked to deliciously slow-cooked and tasty grilled dishes.

Should you decide to start your meal with something warm and traditional, we definitely recommend rustic Dalmatian food like fresh seashells in typical white or red sauce or risotto in black Adriatic cuttlefish sauce to get your juices flowing.

From a variety of meat and fish dishes we would like to point out some of the most popular signature dishes inspired by Marco Polo and his Silk Road adventure. Precious Blue Tuna steak in crispy sesame crust seasoned with extra virgin olive oil from the island of Korčula is one of our bestsellers. And according to our guests, our variety of meat dishes is one of the best in Dubrovnik Old Town. From popular meat signature dishes, Kublai Khan Steak in a leek sauce named after Chinese emperor will be perfect choice.