Food and wine pairing

If you are some kind of gourmand then you know that wine and food are best friends. Taste flavour, smell aroma, imagine photo of Croatian wine perfectly matched with colorful, delicious mediterranean dishes in the heart of Dubrovnik, Old Town.

A lot of experts claim that there is only one rule in pairing and that is: There is no rule! There are too many types of wine in the world and a multitude of differences in the style of world cuisine, ingredients, and methods of preparation for a single person to have unified knowledge. Although tastes are individual, there is however a certain scientific basis for food/wine couplings.

  • Fishes and poultry have usually light taste and therefore should not be overpowered by heavy reds;
  • Game and gamy poultry have a kind of bitter taste which complements very well the relatively soft taste of pinots.
  • Very spicy food like curries will kill most wines and will better accommodate light, sweet wines like roses, sauvignon blanc.


To make your decision easier our sommelieres from Marco Polo restaurant have some suggestions.


Postup - 24h pork belly

Dingač – Beefsteak Kublay Khan

Cabernet Sauvignon Novacco – Precious Blue tuna steak


Nevina Saint Hills – Adriatic daily catch

Dubrovačka Malvasia – Istrian Fuži

Žlahtina Toljanić – Mixed Adriatic seashells


Author: Viktoria Hezonja