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Something old, something new – Marco Polo

Something old, something new

If you are wondering where to eat in Dubrovnik we are still located in the Old Town where you can’t miss our cozy terrace in the shadow of the city walls.

event 23.04.2021.
something old something new

To make it interesting after 30 years of existing, restaurant Marco Polo finally has new attire. Completely renovated, mix of traditional and modern, makes you feel like you are in your little oasis.

Our chefs have developed a variety of new, seasonal treats for you to try. We have decided to kick off the warmer months by focusing on refreshing and delicious dishes such as sea food and spring vegetables flavoured with local spices.

Real magic begins when you combine some of our specialties with a glass (read: bottle) of tasteful Croatian wine. This year, we are proud to say, our wine list is richer with more interesting sorts of wine from a different regions of Croatia. After winter education our sommeliers are happy to advise you which wine is the best choice for your dine.

It is the same place and the same old crew, but new ideas and new look make us so cool!

Author: Viktoria Hezonja