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Thank you for stopping by and please keep coming back – Marco Polo

Thank you for stopping by and please keep coming back

Here you will be able to read interesting facts about Croatian food and wine, read stories about Marco Polo’s Silk Road adventures, as well as keep up with the events and special offers.

event 22.04.2021.

We wanted to use this platform so we can comunicate with all of our readers, new guests or returning guests. With this blog on our official restaurant web page we will:

  • Keep you informed about new events and special offers happening in Marco Polo Restaurant
  • Tell you stories about our delicious food, interesting local ingrediants and recepies
  • Intoduce you with stories about spices Marco Polo brought back to Europe from far East which we use today in our cuisine
  • And for last but not the least to give you loads of information to lern more about Croatian food, wine and how to tricks

So bookmark this blog, email to a friend or add our RSS feed. And of course, we’d love getting your feedback on this cozy Dubrovnik restaurant and this blog.

Cencirely yours,
Marco Polo Team