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Imagine wide green fields of Slavonia, beautiful hills in Istria, steep sunny rocks of peninsula Pelješac overlooking the blue Adriatic Sea and beautiful islands.

Imagine the wide green fields of Slavoniabeautiful hills in Istriasteep sunny rocks of peninsula Pelješac overlooking the blue Adriatic Sea and beautiful islands. Now imagine taste of these unique places in a glass of Croatian wine perfectly matched with delicious food in the hearth of Dubrovnik Old Town. Perfect picture isn’t it?

While dining with us we wanted to share Croatian Wine story with you so we’ve created a wine list with more than 25 distinctive types of exclusively Croatian wine from two major regions.

Continental region mainly produces white wines with most popular RieslingGewurztraminer and Chardonnay characterized by pleasant and low acidity with domination of floral and fruity aromas while Cabernet SauvignonMerlot and Pinot Noir present red wine varieties of continental region in our Wine List.

Costal region is manly focused in red grape sorts with Plavac as an essential sort in production of top Croatian red wine like famous Dingač and Postup from South Dalmatia.  Apart from grape variety Plavac, varieties like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are also widespread.

With an excellent sommelier expertize on the restaurant floor we guarantee you memorable experience while in Dubrovnik in exploring Croatian Wine.

Sauvignon Blanc – Iuris — 42,00€
Sauvignon Blanc comes from eastern continental Croatian wine region. It is a medium strong wine with intense golden yellowish color. It is characterized by gentle and discrete aromas of exotic fruits. Ideal balance reaches with seafood, salads and Croatian cheese.
Chardonnay – Rosenberg – Krauthaker — 45,00€
This wine is produced in the north-east area of Croatia, in the surroundings of Slavonija, Kutjevo. It is characterized by golden clear color. It has intense aroma of ripe fruit, almonds and butter. It is classified as a light wine.  We recommend it to our guests with light starters, white meat and fish dishes.
Frenchie – Saints Hills – 52,00€
Premium quality dry wine made from a blend of Sauvignon Blanch and Semillion. It has yellow color and it is characterized with elements of elderflower, honey and vanilla.
Malvazija – Deklić — 40,00€
This is the most famous Istrian white wine, Malvazia istriana variety from vineyards of western Istria. It is strong wine with green-yellowish color and crystal glare. Fine in taste this wine has dominant acacia flowers and mild fruity aroma with pleasant acidity. We recommend it with our cold appetizers, Croatian cheese and sea food.
Pošip Korta Katarina — 50,00€
This is distinguishable wine from Island of Korčula grown in remote sunny positions called Čara. Wine is a golden yellowish in color, very enjoyable with layered scent. Expressed orange and grapefruit aroma mixed with mild notes of Mediterranean herbs and dried figs. It is very rich and powerful wine with metered acidity. This wine is recommended with seafood, white meats and hot appetizers.
Pošip Krajančić  — 42,00€
One of the most famous indigenous Dalmatian varieties cultivated in the south of the island Korčula. This strong wine has golden yellow color with greenish hues. It is well balanced, rich, powerful 
and juicy wine with herbs and hay aroma and tones of candied citrus fruits. This island wine is recommended with our hot appetizers, white meats and seafood.
Dubrovnik’s Malvasia – Karaman — 45,00€
Dubrovnik’s Malvasia wine is recognizable in Dubrovnik area. Among locals it is also known as ”crazy wine’’ because you can really feel its strength quickly. It features a yellowish color. This wine is medium strong, refreshing in taste with a smell of orange, citrus, peaches, apricots and almonds. We recommend Dubrovnik’s Malvasia with the Adriatic seashells, light and fresh seafood appetizers and salads.
Žlahtina- Toljanić — 40,00€
The most popular white variety cultivated on northern part of Adriatic Coast, Island Krk. Authentic Croatian grape makes light, fresh wine with green-yellowish color, with fruity aroma and green apple smell. Highly recommended with goat cheese, salads, fish and white meat.
Chardonnay Sur Lie – Korak  — 68,00€
The winemaker of the year in 2009, Mr. Velimir Korak produced this Chardonnay by the method called sur lie, rather the care of the wine after fermentation in barrique barrels on the yeast, which are frequently mixed in regular cycles. This is an old burgundy technology for white wines and the best effects are achieved specifically on the chardonnay and this is one of the most prestigious continental Croatian white wines. The smell of the Korak’s sur lie is a complex and dominated by soft hazelnut and pistachio, followed by a variety of different flavors, from mature melons and figs, through butter to smoky notes. The flavor is very rich, slightly spicy, nicely balanced acidity and lasts very long. This wine is best to consume with hot and cold appetizers, fish and salads.
Muscat Momjanski – Kozlović — 37,00€
This is an indigenous variety of Istria. Thanks to its location and micro climate is unique in the world. Greenish and yellowish in color and is characterized by fine and delicate aromas of honey and elderberry. Muscat Momjanski is unique Croatian wine with full and rounded flavor and a long completion which is the reason why you drink this wine at the end of the meal as a crown of dining experience.
Rose – Deklić — 40,00€
This wine is grown in the Istria area, a perfect semi dry wine made of Teran grapes. Exudes with summer freshness and has a beautiful pinkish color. It is rich wine with full taste of raspberries. Leaves an illusion of light sparklingness which makes it great summer refreshment. We recommend it with light dishes and our cheese platter.
Rose – Saint Hills  — 51,00€
This rose comes from the vineyards of south Croatian wine region. It’s a complex with pure and deep rose color and medium density. It has lots of intense flavors of fresh strawberries and raspberries mixed with light flower notes. Dry, partly soft and gentle wine, fresh and intensive with long bitter-sweet ending.
Pinot Noir — Iuris 44,00€
The sun, the Danube, the traditional approach to production and the time spent in oak barrels, have given the distinctive character of this Continental Croatian wine. This wine is medium strong and has persistent ruby red color. It has expressed fruity aromas of raspberries, strawberries and ripe cherries.
Merlot Mora – Matošević — 48,00€
The wine is made in the western Istria vineyards. Wine was kept for 18 months in oak barrels. It is semi strong wine with dominant aroma and ruby-red to the granite color. It has full, soft and harmonious taste. Merlot wine as respectable body and dominant fruitiness where you can taste sweetness of forest berries.
Shiraz Sangreal Bibich — 63,00€
The wine comes from Croatian wine regions of Northern Dalmatia near Zadar from vines over 40 years old. Sangreal Shiraz is a very dry wine and has dark red color. It has distinctive aroma of spices, green peppers, mint, dark berry fruit and ripe strong tannins. We recommend it to our guests with meat dishes.
Dingač Bura – Mrgudić – 106,00€
This quality wine is made from indigenous variety of Plavac mali. It grows in the southern part of the peninsula Pelješac. This Dingač spent 18 months in oak barrels and you can taste it. It is full-bodied wine with a pleasant acidity and dark ruby red color. It has dominant flavor elements of chocolate and ripe fruit alternating with intense notes of coffee and nuts in the background.
Postup Matuško 42,00€
Postup is the name of a superior red wine grape variety Plavac Mali, harvested on the limited position of the Pelješac peninsula. This is a strong wine with dark red color, distinctive and complex flavors of dried plum.
Dingač Matuško 48,00€
This is the most striking and most famous indigenous Croatian wine from grape varieties Plavac Mali. It grows in limited Dingač area in the southern steep slopes of the Pelješac peninsula. It is a strong and rich wine with a very dark purple to red color and nicely expressed varietal aromas of ripe plum, blackberry and notes of smoke.
Cabernet Sauvignon Novacco 45,00€
This quality dry wine is produced in Istria region. It has intense dark red color with rich flavor of wild berries. We recommend it with meat dishes and chocolate desserts.
Red Cuvee Menengetti 115,00€
Premium quality dry wine from Istria. It is complex wine assembled by Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet France. This elegant wine with ruby color and shades of violet has significant cherries and coffee flavor.
Teran Roxanich 79,00€
Teran is authentic grape variety from Istria region. Wine was kept in oak barrels for 11 years. It has ark red color and wild berry and cinnamon flavor. Perfectly paired with Dalmatian prosciutto and red meat dishes.
Plavac Mali MaricaMrgudić – 42,00€
This quality dry wine from peninsula Pelješac has dark ruby color and rich and strong flavor of Mediterranean herbs and fruits.

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