Memorable food in the heart of old town Dubrovnik

In the cozy atmosphere of Marco Polo restaurant in the Old Town Dubrovnik I found out why there is no free table, what is the story of the restaurant and what lures guests back.

event 22.04.2021.

Stijepo please tell us something about the menu in this Dubrovnik restaurant?

Marco Polo’s menu can be divided into two sections. The first section of the menu refers to the traditional Dalmatian cuisine like mussels, black risotto and traditional buzara prepared by our grandmothers recipes. While the second part of the menu follows the story of a traveler from Korcula, Marco Polo and his Silk Road adventures. The story about Marco Polo is riddled throughout the ambient and restaurant menu.

As you said, the whole ambience and food on the menu is integrated into the story of the traveler Marco Polo, can you say that this is guiding principle for you and the whole team?

Marco Polo’s cuisine combines a blend of modern and tradition in a completely unique way. The guiding principle of the restaurant team is that Dubrovnik is the city with travelers from all around the world. The desire of the team is to bring closer Croatian eating culture to all cultures that are pouring into Old Town Dubrovnik. On the menu you can find traditional dishes that everyone should try while enjoying meal with us, but also Asian touch in dishes such as Kublai Khan steak, Precious Blue Tuna in sesame seeds, rice noodles and tofu steak.

What are the main ingredients that you use in preparing dishes from the menu?

Our dishes are enriched with local and fresh ingredients, but also with many exotic and traditional spices like cinnamon, ginger, motar, rosemary and lavender. All meals are complemented with a glass of top Croatian wine which gives a dish a whole new taste. The extensive wine list is made up of the best Croatian wines from the top of Slavonia through Istria and central Dalmatia to Dubrovnik and its Islands, so you will have opportunity to try wine from almost all Croatian wine regions.

What are the top dishes of this Dubrovnik restaurant?

I consider all dishes special in its own way, but if I should set aside one I would say Kublai Khan steak. The name itself, and the combination of flavors is a story of its own.. But I shouldn’t reveal everything you just need to come, try and let us surprise you.

And what is your most favorite dish on the menu and why?

My favorite is Lamb Chops because they are a challenge to prepare and present due to the specificity of meat and texture ..

How important is the presentation of the dishes?

Here at Marco Polo’s we consider everything as crucial, from selecting ingredients, preparation, creating coordinated menu as well as presenting food on the plate and entire brand presentation. We want to wake up all of the senses in our guests. We want them to feel the smell, taste and of course we keep our presentation neet.. You know what they say: The eyes eats first .. I could say that we care about our guests and we want them to engage the emotions of excitement, surprises and satisfaction of all senses while dining with us.

Is it hard to cook in a tourist town given the large number of people in Old Town Dubrovnik? Do you have the freedom of changing dishes?

Personally, I am a perfectionist and I have been fortunate that I have this space for creative freedom but I think that is more of a challenge to maintain the standard where each plate has to be just as good and tasty so when the guest returns he can enjoy a favorite dish again and again..

Would you say that you change menu frequently or you more believe in those policies of trusted recipes?

I’d say our menu is modern and fresh and we constantly add something new, but only when the whole Marco Polo’s Team and its gourmet friends, approve that the dish can be included on the menu..

In which three words would you describe Marco Polo’s menu?

Exclusive ambientstylish food and memorable wine!

Author: Anđela Leko