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event 23.03.2021.

Our gastronomic philosophy can best be summarized in these few words: rustic recipes, fresh ingredients and modern interpretation.

Our gastro philosophy can best be summarized in these few words: rustic recipes, fresh ingredients and modern interpretation.

Here in our traditional Dubrovnik courtyard at our family restaurant we create blend of Dalmatian food with contemporary playful ideas. We try to maintain the essence of rustic recipes we inherited from our grandmothers, as well as to present new modern dishe0s inspired by Marco Polo’s travel adventures. We are very committed in choosing local Dubrovnik’s ingredients as much as possible and we support healthy eating.

A la Carte Menu guides you through different styles of food preparation, from fresh, marinated and smoked to deliciously slow-cooked and tasty grilled dishes.

Should you decide to start your meal with something warm and traditional, we definitely recommend rustic Dalmatian food like fresh seashells in typical white or red sauce or risotto in black Adriatic cuttlefish sauce to get your juices flowing.

From a variety of meat and fish dishes we would like to point out some of the most popular signature dishes inspired by Marco Polo and his Silk Road adventure. Precious Blue Tuna steak in crispy sesame crust seasoned with extra virgin olive oil from the island of Korčula is one of our bestsellers. And according to our guests, our variety of meat dishes is one of the best in Dubrovnik Old Town. From popular meat signature dishes, Kublai Khan Steak in a leek sauce named after Chinese emperor will be perfect choice.

Oysters on Ice — 12€ (4 pieces)
Served raw and fresh on crushed ice with a dash of lemon juice.
Dalmatian Prosciutto with fig jam — 16€
Smoked for 45 days with precious wood hornbeam or ashen, it dries on natural Dalmatian north wind ”Bura” and matures for 16 months. Due to its specific taste is considered as one of the most original Dalmatian products.
Croatian Cheese Platter — 16,50€
‘’Skripavac’’ young light cottage cheese, famous sheep cheese from Island of Pag which has been voted as one of the world’s best. We’ve also selected light cow cheese, smoked in natural beech and wild cherry wood, and mixed cow and sheep cheese in a mixture of Dalmatian spices.
Octopus Carpaccio — 17,00€
Although visually very attractive this is not the reason why is it so popular. This very refreshing dish is one of the first choices. Dalmatian Octopus, locally grown tomatoes and some secret spices will definitely leave you wanting more.
Tuna Tartare — 16,50€
Soup of the day — 7,00€
Zucchini, squash, carrots or leeks, depending on time of harvest, are inexhaustible source of ideas for vegetable soup. Our chef prepares soups of the day with healthy and delicious vegetables of his choice.
Istrian fuži — 20,50€
Istrian fuži are home-made, traditional type of Istrian pasta in a smooth and creamy white sauce of shrimps and mixed mushrooms. Final touch to this dish is a fresh Istrian black truffle leaves gently sprinkled on the top of this delicious pasta. Black Istrian truffle has intense and unique aroma which is a perfect match to pasta dishes, especially this type of pasta. It gives the dish a special, woody and exotic note that for sure will not leave you indifferent.
Black risotto — 17,50€
Rustic Dalmatian cuttlefish risotto
Baked Caprillo — 16,50€
Originally Croatian soft goat cheese flavored with local herbs)
Mixed adriatic seashells — 17,50€
Fresh mixed Adriatic seashells, mussels and clams, from the bay of Mali Ston, near Dubrovnik, prepared in Dalmatian style. Fresh seashells are cooked in authentic, traditional white sauce of white wine, garlic, sea and Dalmatian spices. In the end we lightly sprinkled the dish with flaky bread crumbs. This light and delightful dish is ideal to work up your appetite, therefore we recommend it as a warm appetizer, especially for those who love seafood and local specialties.
Šporki makaruli — 19,00€
Traditional Dubrovnik’s pasta with beef sauce
24h ”Pork belly” — 29,00€
‘’Pork belly’’ baked for 24h, combined with mashed batata, crunchy ‘’soil’’ and veal sauce
Kublai Khan Beefsteak — 34,00€
Kublai Khan Steak is one of the most popular meat signature dishes in our cuisine. Carefully crafted, velvety sauce with perfectly grilled steak is something you will remember for a while. The great Chinese emperor for whom Marco Polo worked for 17 years served as the inspiration for the name of this unique and original dish you can only try at Marco Polo’s.
Chicken Lollipops — 25,00€
chicken drumsticks in Asian marinade served with colorful salad
Juicy duck — 27,50€
marinated duck breasts with raspberry cream and grilled fennel
Lava stone Beefsteak — 39,00€
Aged beefsteak served with homemade French fries and chef’s sauce

+Lava stone – used for preparing food on your own at 440C temperature. Please be careful when handling.
John Dory fillet — 27,00€
With pistachio crust served on a bed of steamed vegetables. Perfectly combined with with wine Pošip Korta Katarina.
Adriatic daily catch — 0,1kg 7,50€
Perfect Adriatic daily catch, paired with Sauvignon BlancTraminac, and Chardonney.
“Precious blue” Tuna steak — 29,50€
This dish was inspired by semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli that Marco Polo used as a mean of payment. Stone has deep blue color just like the Adriatic Sea from where our fish comes to your plate. Previously marinated, Croatian tuna fillet is prepared by request, grilled and served with crunchy sesame crust.
Sea Tempura – 23,00€
White fish, mussels and crabs in tempura served with fresh vegetable salad.
Monkfish Wellington – 31,00€
Monkfish fillet in a puff pastry served with broccoli puree
Falafel 19,00€
Tofu steak — 22,00€
Wok rice noodles with veggies — 18,00€
Thurie 13,00€
Grilled zucchini filled with flavored creamy cheese
Finger lickin’ salad 14,50€
crunchy salad with carrots, apples and radishes
Lemon tart — 7,50€
Panna Cotta 7,50€
My grandma’s cake 7,50€

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