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event 22.04.2021.

Set in a peaceful traditional courtyard in the heart of Dubrovnik Old Town, Marco Polo Restaurant is located in the vaulted street Lučarica offering perfect gastro escape from the bustling Dubrovnik summer days. Here you will enjoy typical Dalmatian food combined with new international flavors perfectly matched with the best Croatian Wine.

With a tradition as one of the first Dubrovnik restaurants, dating back to the 1980’s, Marco Polo got a new flair after owner’s oldest grandson Marko took the business in 2012. His passion for food and wine is a driving force behind his young and enthusiastic professional team.

To present you with more than ‘’just food’’ and ‘’just another Dubrovnik restaurant’’ feeling, we crafted three sets of menus:

  • Daily Menus for all of you busy locals and travelers from around the world. These dishes change regularly and our Chef keeps them simple and light to be a refreshment in hot summer Dubrovnik days;
  • A La Cart Menu – Summer 2019 was created for all of you who have more time to sit and enjoy lunch or dinner in a peaceful setting. Let us guide you through nationally known typical Dalmatian food as well as modern dishes inspired by famous traveler Marco Polo and his Silk Road adventures;
  • Pre ordered Menus for groups visiting, celebrating or doing business in beautiful Dubrovnik Old Town.

Most popular dishes of 2019, since 2020 was you know what!

  1. Kublai Khan Steak is one of the most popular meat signature dishes in our cuisine. Carefully crafted, velvety sauce with perfectly grilled steak is something you will remember for a while.

  2. Istrian fuži are home-made, traditional type of Istrian pasta in a smooth and creamy white sauce of shrimps, mixed mushrooms and white wine. Final touch to this dish is a fresh Istrian black truffle leaves gently sprinkled on the top.

  3. Precious Blue Tuna Steak is One of the most popular dishes of the Marco Polo Restaurant. This dish was inspired by semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli that Marco Polo used as a mean of payment. Stone is beautiful and has deep blue color just like the Adriatic Sea.